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Online marketing powered by prediction

At the heart of Forecaster sits its powerful prediction engine. By examining the market, analysing historical performance and studying buying behaviours it makes smarter and more accurate predictions, telling you how much you should spend to make the most profit, where to spend it and when. It plans, executes and optimises campaigns too, continuously diagnosing, fine-tuning and improving performance. Forecaster combines the best in predictive technology with a team of retail experts and world-class data scientists.

Performance forecast Buying triggers

Forecaster recommends a budget and predicts the most revenue and profit you can make. It plans your spend across the three performance marketing channels, executes your campaigns automatically and optimises your campaigns so they hit your profit target and go on to give better and better results.


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  • Compares scenarios of expected return across different budget or COS targets
  • Recommends the optimal investment to maximise profit and margin
  • Provides performance predictions to a 95% confidence interval
  • Combines media data, efficiency targets, and transactional information with external buying triggers
  • Forecasts for tomorrow and up to seven days in the future
  • Plans the most profitable budget for every keyword, banner or product
  • Recommends optimal spend across PPC, Display and Shopping
  • Accounts for marketing cost, demand, cost of goods, and conversion rate to deliver your target ROI
  • Tailors schedules for desktop and mobile devices
  • Applies automatic bid changes to advertising platforms such as Google
  • Delivers bid changes in real time at product, creative and keyword level
  • Runs campaigns automatically
  • Self-learns from the results of each campaign
  • Tracks accuracy by comparing predicted and actual performance
  • Improves results continuously over time
  • Tunes performance and tailors settings to match the needs of each client

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